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I was actually having a hard day today and was feeling sorrowful. Before going to bed I felt impressed to read from this little book (which I haven’t read in a bit). These were the words the Lord needed me to read, and those were the words I needed to read⬆️ I weld up with tears in my eyes and couldn’t help but feel so loved and watched over by God!🙏🏾

I think it is important to not just remember, but to acknowledge life is hard and painful. That there will be times and moments where we will feel depressed, anxious, drained and so many other emotions. Life will get you to a point where we’ll wonder “Is this worth it anymore?” And when it does… don’t be afraid. Don’t panic, don’t over stress and don’t try to fix it all right away. Take a bit of time to try and figure out why you are feeling this way. What struck these feelings? When did we start feeling this way? What time of day do you feel this way? Then turn to Jesus.

Giving ourselves time to do this simple evaluation of our mental and emotional health care will be not just beneficial but rewarding. Now I’m not saying to not take actions or to do nothing about it, I’m saying figure out where the pain is coming from first, before making rash and quick decisions and solutions. Also taking that time to figure out our feelings allows us to be human. It allows us to not try and be a superhero for once, but just to be us. Just to feel what we are feeling.

I think it’s Important not to forget that some of the pains, depression, anxiety and other concerns we may be feeling may not go away in this life. Those concerns may just be our trail and weaknesses God would like us to have so we can remember to turn to Him. So we can remember we are human. But just because some of our troubles may not be fixed here and now, doesn't mean it can’t be wrapped, comforted, kissed and supported by the sweet and saving grace of Jesus Christ's Atonement- but until that day He Himself will come to make us whole- to make us new and cleansed that “not a hair of our head shall be lost”. Keep holding onto Him.

To those who are in that tough, and what seems to be the endless cycle of pain, anxiety, depression, loneliness, illness, addictions, sorrow and whatever else life has thrown at 


I have a friend who I’m very close with, who has this syndrome that truly is life changing. This issue that he has takes a toll on his body almost daily. It messes with his diet, attitude, stress levels etc. it has a huge effect on him. It’s a rare thing that many people don’t know about. There are many days where this friend just wants to give up and stop trying. There are days where he has to go to the ER because it takes such a huge toll on him. There are days where he would rather not fight it and yet… he keeps pushing forward. He keeps believing in God, and serving those he can. He looks for opportunities to love and be helpful. He’s a wise friend who I will always love and be eternally grateful for.  Unfortunately for him he may not be healed in this lifetime. He may not be the “normal person” he wants to be. His hope and dreams of what he would like his life to be and look like, are different from what God has in mind. I love that he keeps trying and having faith in God despite all that fights against him. He is a man of faith. 

Just like my friend who continues to “doubt his doubts before his faith“ we can do the same too. Maybe we will or we won’t be healed in this life- yet.. imagine how much sweeter it will be to be face to face one day with the Lord, knowing our faith in Him (despite not seeing Him) got us there. Our faith in Him was all that He needed, and now He will fulfill his promises to us, and make us whole, heal us, and make us better than brand new. What a sweet reunion that would be. 

But until then, please don’t lose hope in Christ. Please keep holding on even when it’s hard. Please turn to Him and others you trust for love and support. God gave you people for a reason so use them! 

What gives you the faith to keep moving forward in Christ?

What gives you the faith to believe and not doubt?

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