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When I was a missionary serving in Illinois, one of the practices that my mission President suggested I do for to clear my mind and to help me be a better missionary, was to take time to reflect. 

For those of you who have served missions know that being a missionary is a very tasking responsibility, and that you are busy just about every second of the day. So when my mission President suggested to me that I take time to reflect, I really liked the idea because I love writing and just taking time to ponder life, but I didn’t think that I would ever have time to do so. 

I eventually found time for my reflection. I bought a nice journal and some pens. I was so excited to just sit and write what’s on my mind and reflect on how I could be a better missionary. Out of all my missionary experiences I remember very well the few times I took to be still and reflect. They were some of the most relaxing times of my mission. As I sat still and cleared my thoughts, I felt God's Spirit inspiring of things I could do to improve; and just a peaceful feeling that I am where God needs me to be  in my life.

I really enjoyed my reflection time. I did a very little bit of writing, and spent most of my time just thinking of my life and what was happening at that time, and how I could improve (sins  I was a missionary at the time my main focus was on how I could serve God better, and be more faithful). Even amongst my busy schedule as a missionary, God still helped me find time to sit still for a bit and reflect on where I was,  where I am now and how I could improve. 

Also it gave me the chance to be grateful for the change I’d undertaken in the few months of being a missionary. It was a big life Change from my life before. 

Many of you are moms and dads. 

Many of you work, and have to balance multiple jobs.

Many of you are caring for family members. 

Many of you are single parents.

Many of you are trying to balance school.

Many of you have sports, music and other consuming activities etc.

Many of you are just trying to get through the day.

My point is your lives are busy.

My point is you won’t always have a moment to spare and be still.

My point is life will not stand still for you. You have to choose to be still for it. 

Taking some time to reflect and be still isn’t selfish. 

Taking some time to reflect and be still isn’t a sign of weakness.

Taking time to be still and reflect isn’t hard. 

Life is way too short to be so stressed and worry about every second. 

God wants us to grow and find Joy and peace.

God wants us to make time to reflect and turn to Him.

If your life has been so busy and overwhelming give yourself a break and just be still. 

Give yourself a moment to close your eyes.

Give yourself a moment to clear your mind.

Give yourself a silent moment to realize how awesome you are.

Give yourself the opportunity to see that you’re doing a good job.

Give yourself some time to see you’ve come very far and that PROGRESS IS NOT A ONE DAY EVENT 

Whether it’s once a week or once a month, set aside time for yourself and be still. Evaluate where you were, where you are now and where you want to end up the next week or month. 

Please don’t beat yourself up if you fall short or don't see any progress. PROGRESS IS NOT A ONE DAY EVENT 

Whether you’re at home, on a lunch break, on your vacation, in your car. Nor matter Where you are, it works great! Reflection is a positive way to realign yourself to yourself again.

Life is too short to be too busy to look out of your bubble. I promise you’ll only see peace, clarity and simple joy from your time of reflecting and being still. 

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