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Happy Sunday Everyone!

So today makes 16 years of me being adopted by my family and being a citizen of this country!

16 years of love, growth, friendship, sorrow and pain. But I couldn’t imagine my life any other way.

I believe that the Lord places us in specific families for a reason. I believe that where we start off isn’t always where we’ll end up.

23 years ago when I was born there was no thought in my mind that maybe one day my mother would give me up for adoption and I would end up in an orphanage.

16 years ago I never thought I’d be adopted; and when I was adopted, I thought I would eventually go back to my mother and the way life was like in Africa.

16 Years ago I learned that there will be no returning back to my previous home in Africa and that my new family was my forever family.

During the past 16 years Ive learned what

pain really feels like and what it means to suffer from heartbreaks.

During the past 16 years I’ve began to learn who God is and what I am capable of doing in the name of Jesus Christ.

During the past 16 years I’ve fought some of the hardest battles I will ever face in my life, and I was still just a child. I know and there’s more ahead.

During the past 16 years I’ve learned that Satan is real. That he has a purpose to tear apart my life, and that he will stop at nothing to destroy my happiness.

16 Years ago I never thought I would learn and understand what it really means to be loved, and learn how to give love back.

During the past 16 Years I’ve learned through experiences that God has had my back the entire way, and will always. I’ve learned that Jesus Christ Atonement cover every part of me like a warm blanket in the coldest of storms.

16 years ago I felt for the fist time I had a family and a place where I felt completely safe and loved, even as a little girl.

During the past 16 Years I’ve built a loving relationship with my Father in Heaven that’s been my anchor; a relationship with Jesus Christ, that springs new light and joy in my life every season.

During the past 16 years, I have found who I really am. I have learned my purpose, and I have discovered that exaltation is what I want, and eternal like with my family and God is all I need!

I am forever thankful to my Heavenly Father for inspiring my family to find me! I am thankful to my family for all they’ve taught me, but especially for all the love they’ve given me.😊 ❤️

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