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REAL LOVE HAS NO LIMITS-(hands can’t touch where hearts don’t connect)

🌸REAL LOVE HAS NO LIMITS-(Hands can't touch where hearts don't connect)

When you look at this painting what comes to your mind?

What do you see?

How do you feel?

Wher do you connect with it?

I was recently going through a bunch of photos I had in an album from when I was a Missionary. It was a Google Drive of photos I shared with other Missionaries. As I was going through the photos I came across this one⬆️ While looking at it, these were the first few words that popped in my head: unity, love, division & culture. 

It’s silly to think that one’s race, religion and culture has so much to do with the way they are treated. 

When I was growing up I honestly didn’t worry too much about my race, my religion or what my background was like. I just loved, respected & made friends. But now I feel there’s so much attention on what we are, where we’re from instead of “Who’s we are”- children of God. A God who doesn’t discriminate but simply loves! Love that has no limits.

Hand’s cannot touch where hearts don’t connect

There will always be prejudice and discrimination if love doesn’t exist, there will always be division if unity isn’t the goal. 

If we are constantly judging on why we can’t love one another, we’ll never see people for who they really are. 

Choose love always🙏🏾

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