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Organization is key to a peaceful atmosphere, a healthier mind and a successful life.

When my sisters and I were younger, my mother used to always ask us to clean our rooms and keep it nice. 

For most of my siblings and I, it meant stuffing things in the closet, under our beds, in the drawers etc. we didn't really understand why our rooms had to be clean. I mean it was our room and our mess, why did it matter? Plus when people come over we could just close the door and pretend it wasn't there. Why was it so important that our rooms stayed clean or the whole house in general? Was there something she was looking for? Were we that messy of kids? At one point I thought she was just enjoying bothering us 😀 It took a bit but, I think I figured out why.

Because I am a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, something that my parents worked hard for: was that our home would be a sacred place- a place where God's Spirit can be, and a place where we could feel peace; Which meant that our home would have to be clean. She would tell us that ‘If Jesus were to visit our home randomly today, He wouldn’t be able to get through the front door or that He would trip and hurt himself over the mess’. This sometimes gave us the motivation we needed to clean up. 

I began to take her words very seriously as a young teen. I tried my best to keep my room clean and to help keep our home clean. I’d open the shades and windows to let the sun in and to feel the fresh air. Just in case Jesus did come to visit I wanted to make sure we were prepared☺️ 

But mostly I loved that Spirit that my mom talked about. I began to feel good and happy when I cleaned my room. It was that simple peaceful feeling my mom told us as kids. My mind felt de-cluttered, the air felt cleaner and like I could breathe better, I felt more motivated and awake. 

So if you are ever looking for ways to feel closer to God and feel His Spirit, I suggest keeping your home organized and clean. It sounds crazy but it’s true. It just really helps you feel at rest and light minded.

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