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Yesterday was one year since I’ve been home from my mission. It’s so crazy to think it’s been a whole year, I feel like I’ve been home for only six months but also like two years😀

Where does the time go?

Coming home from a mission is not an easy experience. After spending eighteen plus months completely in the service of God and Jesus Christ, trying to live up to all of the standards, expectations, commandments and everything in between that’s expected of you, then returning to a world that’s hectic and full of unpleasant noises is hard, and often feels

overwhelming. It’s definitely an adjustment.


“Charity is the pure love of Christ… Charity never faileth… Charity is the greatest of all…

Without charity ye are nothing”’

I thought I knew what love was and how to love, but I soon learned that I needed to be humble and listen. I had amazing companions and leaders who were prime examples of what charity was and I knew I better take notes or I’d be missing many opportunities to learn how to love and show charity.

There were many days I found myself breaking down to the Lord asking Him for help- a way to love, care and treat others the way He would. I was given many opportunities to humble myself and allow charity to be my guide and my way of serving. When those opportunities did come my heart softened in a way I didn’t know it could. He helped me learn how to apologize, to fix my mistakes, and to have gratitude for others. He taught me that “every soul is precious in his eyes”. I'm grateful for all the lessons and chances He gave me to love and serve!

finding Joy and happiness in my service⬇️

I absolutely LOVED my mission! I could not have asked for better companions and people to serve. Yes, of course I struggled and had difficult days but, it did not compare to the Joy and Happiness I found in my service. Both as a historic site sister and as a proselyting sister, I learned what it was like to just let go and enjoy the moments. To create memories and new friendships.

After the Lord taught me to let go of my perfectionism, Joy became my goal each day- to help others feel that same joy that the gospel brought me. I tried every day to just let go and be me, to have fun and serve with love!


One of the hardest adjustments for me was letting go of expectations (perfectionism) I felt like I needed to keep up- whether it was from mission leader, missionaries, family, church leader and especially myself. As a missionary I felt like I had to live and be a perfect missionary (which I’m sure those of you who have served can agree with). There’s this pressure that you can’t really explain but you can feel. Unfortunately I carried that expectation home with me.

Once the Lord taught me that: I’m not perfect, don’t need to be perfect and will never be perfect- and that THAT was okay, I felt this weight just lift off of me, like I could just breathe. It’s crazy to say but that was exactly what I needed. From there on I just did my best and I knew that whatever that looked like, was good with the Lord.

It took a long time to adjust and understand that: I was good the way I was. That I didn’t need to try and be this perfect RM (returned missionary) because I wasn’t even a perfect missionary in general nor could I be a perfect person, there’s no such thing.

But isn’t that great? Isn’t that the whole purpose of life?- to make mistakes, gain experience and rely completely on Jesus Christ? Can you imagine how much harder life would be knowing you have to be 100% perfect all the time and rely on yourself? Life wouldn’t be much fun and meaningful.

Because of Jesus Christ we’ve been saved from this perfectionist state of mind. All we need to do is worry about giving our best and most sincere effort. Because of Him we’ve been saved and made new.

I love being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ. It has been shaping me to who I want to continue to become.

On your journey to becoming who you want to be, remember to always love yourself and others. Always appreciate those who stand with you and next to you!

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