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In order for a masterpiece to become a masterpiece, it must be able to go through breakdowns, immense pressure and be weather resistant.

⬆️This is one of my favorite temples that my church owns. It was built  in the 1800s in Nauvoo, Illinois, by members and non members of my church. It took about five years to build. There was much labor, sacrifice and time that went into construction of this magnificent building. The faithful and dedicated people who put in the time to do this great work were competing against many things including: personal and family trials, hunger & fatigue, the loss of loved ones and friends and more than we can imagine.

In order for this temple to be as great as God wanted it to be, it had to go through hard things.

In order for this masterpiece to become a masterpiece, it must have been able to  withstand breakdowns, immense pressure and be weather resistance⬇️

I had the opportunity to serve one year of my missionary service in Nauvoo, Illinois. I got to walk the same streets where the people who built this temple walked, I got to read, learn and share stories of what it took for the people to build the Nauvoo temple! I got to go inside and see the history and memory of what their hard work brought forward. After finishing the temple, the people of God were able to enter inside and make promises with God, and receive the blessings that He had for them. 

Unfortunately, after the temple was completed, because of natural disasters, fires and mobs, the temple was set on fire and eventually destroyed.

Many years later, after the temple was destroyed, members of my church got a hold of the property and were able to rebuild it back, looking exactly the way it looked in the 1800s. It was completed and rededicated to be a fully functioning temple in 2001. This story is so beautiful to me!

⬇️What makes the Nauvoo temple a masterpiece is the ability it had to withstand the breakdowns, the immense pressure and the Natural Disasters it was presented with

For a masterpiece to become a masterpiece it doesn’t mean it has to be invincible or perfect, it means it is strong enough to go through whatever it has to go through, to become whatever it was meant to become.

So when you are going through your breakdowns, immense pressure and are just trying to withstand life, remember: God is building you to become the masterpiece He needs you to become, not the masterpiece you think you need to become.

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