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In life, we are asked or commanded by God to “love your neighbor as yourselves”.

But what if you don’t love yourselves? 

What if the relationship you have with yourselves is an awful or even toxic one. 

What if you are too scared, too broken, too ashamed or even too damaged to try and love yourself?

Yes, it is very important to love yourself.

Yes, it is very important to love yourself in order to love others best; but what if you can’t love yourself… right now?..



Our heavenly father never said you must love yourself today or He won’t love you.

He never said you must love yourself today or you’re not good enough. 

God never said anything like that because He knows your struggles. 

He sent His Son Jesus Christ because Jesus Christ knows your struggles. 

He knows how your mind feels with the mental struggles you may have. 

He knows how your body feels with the physical  imperfections it may have.

He knows how your hearts and souls feel with the emotional damage it’s gone through- because He has experienced all of it.

God and Jesus Christ know all of it, so don’t for a second think they don’t get it or understand how hard it is for you to love yourself. Don’t push them away.

They hope one day for those of you who may be struggling with loving, accepting, and receiving yourself as God loves, accepts and receives you, will find the joy and the grace that comes from loving yourself.

 Take your time to understand who you are, what you are, and most importantly who’s you are

In your journey of finding, loving and receiving yourself as you are, don’t let nobody push you, force you or make you feel like you’re not enough because you don’t quite know how to accept and love yourself yet. 

Self-love is a personal journey that one must understand and accept when one gets there. Except help if that’s what you need, but also know kneeling down each morning and night is a tool that’ll always be there.

 I promise you once you start that journey, you will begin to feel and see the little differences and how you’ve grown.

I promise you will see and start to believe that what you want and need to be is possible. 

I promise you this because I was once where you are. Accepting myself was a hard journey, but it wasn’t impossible. In Fact, I’m still on that journey. It really doesn’t end.

I wish you the best on your journey of loving yourself. Once you have gotten to where you feel stable enough to stand on your own for a bit, find somebody who is on that same journey  and help them discover how possible it is- because you just did it!

Here are a few things I do to better love, care and accept myself :

(This is what helps me, but it's not for everyone)

1)Pray for opportunities to help someone.

2)workout and eat what makes my body happy.

3)Remind myself my worth and that God loves me no matter what (take personal time to reflect)

4)Remember how far I've come compared to where I was.

5)Do something nice for myself.

6)Journal/keep a gratitude journal.

7)Listen to music that makes me feel good.

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