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In life there must be a delicate balance to all:

Work, play, rest, nourishment, sadness, joy, love hurt etc.

On the journey of life we’re all on, we must experience everything it has. We can’t skip now because something in the future looks better. Our journey shapes us into becoming more- becoming happy, stronger, healthier people.

Everyone’s journey is different and purposeful.

Once we learn and understand the “why” we are on the journey, we then are able to find out our “purpose” within it.

Because our journey often has ups and downs, the best way to walk it is by putting “one foot in front of the other”. Though most of the time we just want things to happen right away:

Loans paid off, career established, family situated, marriage perfect, well paying job and so on.

But if everything on our journey was perfect and there could be no mistakes and setbacks… would it really be a journey?

Would it really be worth traveling?

It is often the hard and stumbling part of our journey that tests us- that gives us new and inspiring motivation to want to continue on.

So next time you wish a certain part of your journey could be over so you can get to an area you want to be at, remember “you only have today to live today” yesterday has already passed, and tomorrow has not yet come.

What motivates you in your journey? 🙂

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