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How do you feel Jesus’ love for you?

How do you feel Jesus’ love for you?

This picture has become one of my favorite artwork of Jesus. I feel it simply and eloquently describes how we feel sometimes. 

There are days when we feel wonderful!

 When we feel we can take on the world and accomplish whatever comes our way! 

Those are the best days, and those are the days we should have, but unfortunately it's not always that way. 

Sometimes our days look like this painting above ⬆️ when we feel we can’t go on any longer.

When we feel so overwhelmed and frustrated.

When life feels too heavy to bear, whether by our doing or by the doing of others. 

Whatever it may be, Jesus KNOWS and UNDERSTANDS. He’s been there before. 

He has felt it all and more. Just as this portrait shows, Jesus will hold us and NEVER let go. He will hold our heads high and help us keep looking towards Him.

I have personally felt Jesus do this in my life over and over and over again. There have been times where my head has hung so low that I didn’t know if I could lift it again… but Jesus came and  helped me look forward- gently guiding me back to Him.

During those times where my head was hung low, I called to Jesus. I slowly but surely felt his peace- the kind of peace that doesn’t take away the problem but gives you a hope that it will all be okay. The kind of peace that assures the mind to hold onto faith. 

It was through His peace that I felt His love for me. It wasn’t when things were better that I felt that peace and His love for me, but it was during my trial that I felt His peace and love!

How do you feel Jesus' love for you?

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