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Do you ever have those days where you feel so powerful and like nothing can stop you because you’re on a roll?

When you feel like you've got “life together” and that you have finally mastered how to be a human?

And then out of nowhere life looks at you and says “hey, I’m still here, and I want to give you an opportunity to grow… AGAIN”😂 

Then begins the highs and lows once more.

I was just thinking about this the other day how crazy it is that as human beings, it seems like we are always going through our “highs and lows”. One moment we are doing great and we feel we can handle all that life throws at us, and the next moment we are crying to our moms/best friends how we don’t think we can do life any longer, and need a mental breakdown😀 It’s so crazy to me.

This week was one of those weeks for me- my highs and lows. I felt like It got the best of me and I was just trying to survive. I felt great and like I had my “life together” and then boom, I’m like wait… what’s happening now😀 

The unexpected part about having these highs and lows is that exactly- UNEXPECTED. Things could be going so well and then something happens and it draws you away from that high you were on. That feeling of being on top of the world. 


Amongst everything else we have going on in our lives the last thing we want is for something unexpected to happen that throws our plans off and puts a damper in things. We know how much we like things planned and to workout exactly how we want.

As human beings we love having fun! We love the good times and the joyful experiences that allow us to grow together, and create moments and memories. We thrive off of that social interaction and Intimate relationships. When we don't have that, we feel alone and lost.

But how do we know that it is the social experiences that helps us feel that high?

How do we know what happiness is?

How do we know that those joyful moments we felt are what Joy really feels like?

How do we really know what it feels like to truly be happy?

We know what happiness feels like because we know what sadness is.

We know what joy feels like because we know what pain is.

We know what love feels like because we have felt loneliness.

We know what exceptance feels like because we know how it is to feel rejected or abandoned.

Without the low moments we would not know what the high moments are.

Without the low moments we would not appreciate the high moments as much.

Without the low moments we would not understand how good our lives are, and can be.

Even though it’s exhausting and oftentimes annoying wondering why we were doing so good in life and feel like we got it, and then we are side swiped by whatever life feels like throwing at us.

The best thing that has worked that I've done is to just do what I can. I cannot predict what will happen nor can I plan on exactly how to fix it. All I can really do is take it as it is. Do my best to adapt and adjust to what comes at me.

Every moment we are given by the good Lord is worthwhile, despite how hard it may be. 

Every moment is an opportunity to grow and extend- to learn something new and appreciate the difference. 

In order to become like our Heavenly Father some day, we must know and understand what sorrow is like, so when Joy comes, we have all the more reason to hold onto it and truly appreciate happiness!


We will always have those highs and lows, but

what is life without the good and bad together?

What helps you during your low moments?

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