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Happy Easter Everyone!

As most of you may know, this week is the step by step walkthrough of Jesus’ last few days on the earth.

Sunday was Palm Sunday, when Jesus walked through Jerusalem and the people

Worshipped Him by waving palm leaves in the air.

Monday was the cleansing of the temple. I feel like this experience of Jesus cleansing the temple shows how holy the house of the our God is and how much that meant to Him.

Tuesday was His teaching in Jerusalem. Even tho His life was coming to a ruthless end, Christ still spent His time teaching to the people (the same people who would eventually crucified Him). That is real love if I’ve ever know it.

Wednesday He performed His miracle of raising Lazarus from the dead. One of His dear friends who passed away while Christ was away.

Thursday was when He suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane. The day He proceeded taking all the pain, troubles and suffering of every single individual who once lived on the earth, who does now live and who will live in the future. How incredible is that? Honestly I can’t even wrap my head around it. All of It astounds me.

Every time I watch this video I tear up. My heart feels full but also saddened- Full because I feel how much Jesus loves me, and sad because it pains me to see the Savior in pain, my Savior in pain. But I know He wouldn’t have had it any other way.

I hope during the rest of this Easter week you feel the love of the Lord burning for you. I hope your heart feels full of Joy! You are everything to Him and that why your life was worth saving. Always remember Him and how much He love you!😊

I am forever grateful to my Savior for saving me. For giving His life so selflessly. For not forgetting me❤️ I hope as you watch this video you feel what I felt.

Whether you are religious or not, this message is for you!

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