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Happy Sunday Everyone!!🤗💜

So… Fall is here! 🍁That time of the year when the earth starts to change and prepare itself for another period of development. A time when it’ll cycle back to it’s hibernating state. During this time called winter. The bright, colorful and spring full atmosphere of the earth we once saw will shut down- going to sleep for a season. In this season the weather is cold, the sky is gray and certain parts of the world will turn white; announcing it is winter, a season of cold, but also a time when the earth reveals its new and different beauties.

Just like the earth goes through it’s seasons of changes and developments, as human beings we will also go through our seasons of changes and developments.

Sometimes those changes may be hard and necessary and other times they may be easy and bad for us.

Change in and of itself is something that can be difficult for many people (myself included). As much as I like the thought of change and new opportunities to grow and to do and be better, change is something that doesn’t always come naturally to me, and I often find myself fighting with😀

I used to think change meant I’d have to find, become and discover a whole new version of myself that feels so hard to adjust to. I would (and still do at time) overthink it to the point where I would/will talk myself out of it. Even if it might be something amazing for myself. I relied too much on myself for the change that I took the most important persons and action out of that change- God the Savior and Trust.

Over the past few years I’ve learned that change doesn’t/isn’t meant to be a lonely and life breaking process. Don’t get me wrong, there will be moments and seasons where you will feel alone and like you’re too broken to try, but I’m here to tell you you are not alone. There are many of us who are going through the same things.

I will be the fist to tell you life is so hard. It’ll be constantly trying to break you, shatter you, toss you out etc. I want to be the fist to tell you IT DOES GET BETTER! You will see the Rainbow at the end. I’ve seen it time and time again after every season of change I’ve gone through. The earth takes 3 months to get to and stabilize itself in each of its season of changes, but it eventually gets there and you will too. Your season may take 3 months or even 3 years, but YOU WILL GET THRE!

PLEASE don’t let yourself go through your season of changes alone. Remember God and Jesus are just a prayer away.

I think one of the biggest, if not the biggest change Ive learned and I’m STILL learning to apply this year is trust. This word is hard for me and has always been hard because of my past. Learning to trust in God and Jesus Christ has been so good for me. My life has been the most hardest and also prosperous when I put my trust in them!

I’m walking through a season of change right now that I’m not sure how to handle. It’s been hard. I know I just need to put my trust in God and Christ (which is always easier then it sounds)😀 but the reward of trusting them are eternally good! A wise man once told me to "Embrace the Change"

For all of you who are heading, turning, walking, climbing, hiking or shifting into a season of change right now… don’t give up. Trust in God and Christ and know it’ll all work out!😊💜

God bless🙏🏾

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