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Updated: Aug 18, 2023

What are we? Are we the deniers of Christ or are we the witnesses of Christ?

🌸 “Are we deniers of Christ or are we witnesses of Christ?”

While sitting in church a few weeks ago I heard a small voice in the back of my mind. Saying  evaluate where I am today. 

When I heard these words it got me to think about my life and where I want to be in life and who I want to become. 

 As I heard these words and it pushed me to evaluate where I am on the scale of this question: 

“Am I a denier of Christ or am I a witness of Christ?”

At first I was like: of course I’m a witness of Christ and don’t deny Him. I speak and share about Him all the time. In my head I was like this must be for the other people here, not me. 

I’m sure by now you’ve started thinking: She sounds pretty proud🥲  (I don’t blame you). I didn’t exactly have the growth mindset the Lord encourages us to develop. After some time I realized that I was on the wrong end of that scale.

The way I was seeing this question was from a very small and narrow mindedness. I was thinking of the things that I do that outwardly expresses that I am a witness of Christ (which isn’t bad), but being a witness of Christ isn't about doing outward deeds. It's not about proving to others where I stand when it comes to representing Jesus Christ. To me being a witness of Jesus Christ means loving and serving Him in whatever way that looks like for me. Whether that’s in private or public. It’s just about doing it.


One way I like being a witness of Christ is by doing something for someone else. When I am so converted and focus on how I can help another feel loved, wanted, a part of something and like they matter, I feel closer to Christ. I often do this by writing notes or letters, and when I get the chance, helping them do something they can’t or are unable to physically do for themselves. The biggest way I was able to do this was when I was a missionary.

Every day, every hour, every second and every breath I had was to be turned toward Jesus. Other missionaries and I spent most of our time sharing about Jesus and representing Him in the best way we could. Our whole purpose as missionaries was to be Witnesses of Jesus, that’s why we wore His name every day on our chest. It was some of the most rewarding and life filling experiences I’ve had. 

I’ve been home for a year now, and my views and ways of representing Jesus have changed and grown😀. Though I don’t skip the streets of Nauvoo anymore sharing about Christ through His people, and I don’t walk the towns of southern California preaching about Jesus Christ either, I have found a new way to be a witness of Him.

I have learned in the past year that being a witness of the Lord in my heart is just as important as doing a good deed. If my heart isn’t as converted to my Jesus as my deeds are… then I just as much be a shadow, even a ghost that wanders aimlessly looking for life to fill me- or even a life that has no purpose or foundation. If my heart is lacking the pinnacle of what is needed in the recipe of being a witness of Jesus Christ (Faith and Desire), then no matter how good my works and deeds are, it’ll never suffice.

If I’m not supporting Him with my heart, then I’ve denied Him with my works.

To be a denier of Christ doesn’t just mean speaking negatively or unholy about Him.

It doesn’t just mean putting on a face for the public, then in private cursing Him out.

Denying Him starts in our hearts before it reaches our lips and hands. 

There are countless ways to deny Christ. The very earth we live in is full of whirlwinds of distraction that pushes our focus from Him; and sometimes we don’t even realize when we’re doing so. 

Like Peter in the New Testament- when Christ told him, he would deny Him three times, and Peter swore he wouldn’t do such a thing. 

Peter later found himself in a tough situation when his life was possibly at risk. He was asked a simple question three times  ‘if he knew of Christ’ Peter said no, and maybe even argued with them to not get caught. In those moments right after,  he realized what he did and was completely mortified and sorrowful. Just a few moments later after denying Christ, the Savior himself came walking out with guards on His sides holding Him. As He walked by He looked at Peter. Can you imagine what a heart wrenching moment that had to have been for Peter?

Are there days where you feel exactly like Peter?—  where one moment you are cutting the ear of one of the men who tried to hurt Jesus, then the next moment you find that you are no better than the ear chopper - denying the very man we tried to save. 

What I love most about that question- if we are  deniers or witnesses of Christ is that there’s always grace. No matter how good we think we are or how far we feel we’ve fallen, the Savior will help us in our journey, because in the end He’s the journey we are traveling towards.

Please understand me when I say this- that I am not perfect. I don’t know the answer to everything; but What I do share is all I know and what I’ve practiced and know works for me. There are countless ways to stand as a witness of the Lord, and what you do may not be the same as me, but what you do is how you stand as a witness of Him.

Being a witness of Christ may not be a religion but it’s a lifestyle I will keep living.

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